EQA Inspections and External Validation

Independent, global assurance for awarding organisations

We work with awarding organisations (AO’s), exam boards and accrediting bodies all over the world, helping them to ensure that their standards are being maintained throughout their global operations.

Through our global network of professional, dedicated people in over 100 countries, we are able to deliver a range of EQA services including:

  • External Quality Assurance visits
  • Independent exam inspections
  • External validation and training facility audits
  • In-class monitoring and reporting

The benefits to you

We provide global support to our clients through a fully managed service model that allows you to quickly and easily ensure that all of your EQA requirements are recorded and delivered.

Through our global network, we can provide you with EQA personnel who are local to the locations concerned and we can help you to reduce the cost of inspections and audits.

We work closely with our clients, building dedicated teams to ensure that you receive exactly the service that you require.  We help awarding organisations to succeed and we can help you in your work to deliver standardised qualifications all over the world.

How we work

At VICTVS we have built a global network of over 1800 members, all of whom share our dedication to helping people succeed in education.

Managed Service.

For awarding organisations with a global footprint, we can provide a fully managed service in which we will handle the scheduling, delivery, oversight and reporting on all of your EQA requirements.

Why EQA matters

Malpractice in exams is increasing.  Incidents of both unintentional and deliberate exam misconduct are a familiar experience for any global awarding organisation.  Effective monitoring and reporting is the foundation of a meaningful response.

By providing you with the ability to monitor and inspect activity at any training provider, exam venue, test centre and on any assessment day, we can help you to build a system of quality assurance that is based on impartial intelligence.

We can also assist you in analysing trends in standards across cities, regions or countries, and we can recommend corrective actions based on our experience of managing thousands of high-stakes professional exams each year.

How to find out more

If you would like to discuss your requirements for external validation, EQA or exam inspection services, please contact our UK head office using the details below.

Call us on +44 (0) 113 887 0185, or please fill in the form below.

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