Exam Malpractice Whistleblowing Portal

Whistleblowing is the act of exposing activity that may be illegal, unethical or fraudulent.  Professional exams and qualifications are under constant threat of exam malpractice (including cheating), maladministration (where correct procedures are not upheld) and organised exam fraud.

In dealing with high-stakes professional examinations all over the world, we have found that incidents of exam malpractice, maladministration and exam fraud are increasingly common.  We have also found that it can be difficult for people to report this type of activity due to the potential consequences for themselves or their peers.

In order to assist people in reporting exam malpractice and to help protect the integrity of professional qualifications around the world, we have created the report form below that provides an anonymous means of reporting your concerns to VICTVS.

We review all reports that we receive and where possible, we will investigate and report the issue to the relevant authorities.

Reports are fully anonymous – (this page does not make use of tracking cookies and does not record your location), can be made from anywhere in the world and can be in regard to any professional exam.

Identifying risks and responding to problems in a constructive manner, is a critical part of effective External Quality Assurance for awarding organisations.  We appreciate your help in ensuring that honest, hardworking candidates are given the opportunity to sit their professional exams in a secure and supportive environment.

Ensuring balance

Please note.  We do not regard a report as proof of wrongdoing.  We will not act on reports that appear to be malicious in nature.  At VICTVS we work to support global exam delivery and this tool has been created for this purpose only.