External Quality Assurance

Global insight

Accrediting and certifying training providers and tutors all over the world is difficult.

Ensuring that your standards are being upheld, and that learners’ needs are being met across cultural and language barriers, can be time consuming and expensive.

VICTVS can deploy fully-trained members of our global network to conduct External Quality Assurance activities on your suppliers, members or partners.

Our EQA inspectors are local to the locations you work in – greatly reducing travel costs and administration.

Global control

VICTVS EQA services allow you to see the conditions in which your partners or suppliers operate, and in which your learners are taught and assessed.

With the information we gather, you can ensure that candidates receive the best possible education opportunities.

We use data gathered during External Quality Assurance inspections to help our clients gain a deeper understanding of factors that affect their members.

Our reporting helps to generate strategic targets that can be incorporated into operational delivery – allowing you to tailor your accreditation standards to better suit the needs of all stakeholders.

Ground Truth

External Quality Assurance provided by VICTVS, gives you the ability to truly understand the way that your standards are implemented all over the world.

From stakeholder engagement, to exam malpractice and maladministration, the Ground Truth reporting that we provide will help you to better manage your risks and to identify your opportunities.

With Ground Truth reporting from VICTVS, you can be confident that you really know how your organisation’s stakeholders are impacted by your work.

Supporting learning by assuring quality

At VICTVS we are dedicated to helping learners to access education opportunities through fair and supportive assessments.

Our External Quality Assurance services are designed to work in cooperation with training providers, academic institutions and exam venues, to support and encourage best practice through rigorous quality control.

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