Global Professional Exam Management

Leading the field in global invigilation services

At Victvs Global, we are at the forefront of developing best practice in high-stakes exam management around the world.

Operating in over 100 countries – including those with high levels of corruption and organised exam cheating, we are pioneering new counter-fraud techniques, developing high-tech, independent examination centres and playing our part in changing how the world works together.

Managing professional exams in hard to reach places

We work in places where other organisations do not, we take on challenges that others will not; and as a fully independent service provider, we can be relied on to ensure the integrity of your examinations and to protect the value of your qualifications.

Cheating and organised exam fraud can have a devastating effect on the perceived value of your qualifications.  Our focus is on helping honest, hard-working candidates to achieve the results that they deserve and to disrupt the activities of those people who are looking to exploit weaknesses in examination management.

Specialists in professional exams in complex environments

We work with several global regulatory bodies to enforce the high standards of training and qualification that they have worked so hard to develop.

We support training providers all over the world working in oil and gas, occupational health and safety, mining, education and international security.

Where training courses have been designed to protect lives, the environment and critical infrastructure, our global invigilation services can be trusted to ensure that your candidates have legitimately gained the knowledge they need to be able to work safely.

Professional exams and global invigilation

Wherever possible, we employ examination management staff (both invigilators and examiners) who are local to your training centre.

All of our staff are required to complete our full and rigorous recruitment and training process before they are allowed to begin work for us as examination staff.

We develop bespoke additional training resources for our invigilators to ensure that they are fully aware of your exact requirements.

Our invigilators and examiners are managed and controlled by our staff in our UK office – giving us the high level of oversight that is needed to deliver consistently high-quality invigilation and examination services.

The cost of our global invigilation and professional exam services

When providing you with a cost for the delivery of our examination management services, we take several different factors into account.  Our global pricing guide allows us to adjust our fees to suit the economic conditions of the countries that you are working in – giving you a cost-effective solution that is tailored to your needs.

We do not surprise you with hidden costs and additional expenses – we agree a fee with you that works for you and that fee then stays the same, allowing you to plan your examinations and to concentrate on the development of your training or accreditation business.

We want you to succeed

As a global company we understand the critical role that quality training, accreditation and qualifications plays in the evolution of the connected global workplace.

As the global community becomes more connected and international working increases, we know that global training providers underpin the provision of global standards of safety, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility.

At Victvs, we do not make promises that we cannot keep and we do not agree to do work that we cannot do.  We have a strong company ethos and we take pride in the trust and confidence that our clients have in us.

How to find out more

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