Test Centre Network

Global coverage, shared standards

VICTVS has created a class-leading global database of thousands of exam venues, training providers, computer testing centres and other exam delivery resources.

From independent event spaces, dedicated computer assessment suites, to our own in-house multi-purpose exam venue at Castleton Mill in Leeds, we can provide you with the venue and facility options that you need to meet candidate demands all over the world.

Centralised management and support

Our global Test Centre Network is managed by our head office team in the UK.

All our locations are subject to a rigorous approval and vetting process before any exams are delivered.

Centres that meet our standards are awarded VICTVS Assured status.

Our team of Global Exam Managers have access to all of the latest information regarding candidate capacity, facilities, access arrangements and technical specification of every location in our database.

Flexibility by design

Exam venues and test centres that partner with VICTVS work with us to provide our awarding body clients with maximum flexibility – particularly in emerging markets.

Developing new global qualifications is difficult, and we can help to simplify delivery.

We understand the importance of managing costs when new exam programmes are in development, and we can work with you to provide assessment venues in a simple, cost-effective and high quality solution.

An integrated exam experience

VICTVS combines global exam invigilation, remote proctoring, new exam management technologies and data driven analysis to provide an integrated exam programme delivery service that can be customised to suit your exact requirements.

All of our solutions are designed to provide the best possible candidate experience.

Our  integrated exam systems built on the foundation of our global network of great people, is the future of exam programme delivery.

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