About us

We work with awarding organisations all over the world, helping them to deliver global assessment programmes with the highest standards of integrity and candidate service.

We are a UK-based company working in over 160 countries.  We have brought together a connected global network of outstanding people who help us to support learners achieve life-changing qualifications.

Our passion is developing new technologies and exam management solutions that are focussed on the needs of the learners of tomorrow.

If you are involved in global training  and assessment and share our passion for learning, we would love to hear from you.

Our UK Head Office team

How we work

International Expertise

VICTVS was founded on a belief of the importance of positive international cooperation for successful working in the connected global workplace of the 21st century.

We brought together an international team (the VICTVS Global Network) of highly skilled, motivated professionals to help us support education all over the world.

In the past 6 years, we have worked in partnership with internationally recognised awarding organisations to deliver complex exam programmes to their exacting standards.

We harness the power of a diverse global workforce to achieve outstanding results wherever we work.

Technical Competence

In addition to providing fully managed contract services to large awarding organisations, we also work with independent training companies to help them provide the same outstanding level of customer care to their exam candidates.

We develop technical tools to support the work of the members of our global network.  These include our remote invigilation / monitoring apps, our candidate ID check tech, and our global test centre network.

VICTVS puts people first.  We design technology in response to the requirements of exam staff and candidates.

We deploy all our technical capability in support of our clients’ exam delivery schedules.


As a company that puts people first, we want you to know who you will be working with.

We take pride in our rapid response and adaptable approach and in giving our clients a single point of contact through which all their questions and support requests will be answered.

VICTVS Operations manage all of our global service delivery from our head office location in Leeds in the UK and we operate a 24/7 support service for all of our clients.

When you partner with VICTVS, you will know who you are dealing with, you will receive second to none customer support and you will have the full support of our global team just a phone call away.

What we do

Exam Programme Management

VICTVS provides exam management services for awarding organisations that offer internationally recognised qualifications.

We provide in-country exam personnel for exams ranging in size from a handful of candidates to over 1000 in one sitting.

All our exam staff are vetted, trained and selected to meet the highest standards in integrity, reliability and candidate support.

We are experts in exam delivery.

Intelligent Exam Infrastructure

VICTVS develops technical tools to support global exam delivery.

Working with our clients, partners and the members of our global network, our development team construct technical resources that improve efficiency and enhance our services.

We rapidly build and deploy new Education Technology (Ed-Tech) assets to allow exam delivery personnel working in our industry to better prepare for their next exam schedules.

We embrace innovation whilst maintaining traditional values.

External Quality Assurance

The members of the VICTVS Global Network are ready to give you the insight that you need into local market conditions all around the world, so that you can effectively control your operational risk when doing business there.

VICTVS provides rapidly deployable in-country support acting as an independent quality assurance provider.

We conduct exam inspections, accreditation audits, lesson observations and more, all over the world.

We can help you reach out to locations that others cannot.

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Partnering with VICTVS

At VICTVS we are always looking for new opportunities to work with like-minded organisations and individuals who are committed to providing education and training opportunities worldwide.

By working with VICTVS, you will be choosing a modern approach to global exam delivery that will support your organisation and that is driven by a team of people who will always go a little further.


We are constantly recruiting new members of the VICTVS Global Network to work with us in countries and regions all over the world.

If you believe that you have the skills and professional mindset to add value to our team, we would love to receive a copy of your CV / resume and a covering letter to recruitment@victvsglobal.com.

Contact us

To speak to our team directly, please call our UK office on +44 (0) 113 539 7056 or send us a message via the form.


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