Bring Your Own Proctor with MyExams by VICTVS

Making remote proctoring better

VICTVS is changing Remote Proctoring for the better.

We created the first dedicated ‘Bring Your Own Proctor‘ remote proctoring platform that allows awarding organisations, schools, universities, FE colleges, training providers and more, to use their own invigilators to deliver remote exams.

As specialists in global assessment delivery, we develop our own technologies to support exam invigilators all over the world.  Having created our own remote invigilation platform VICTVS V3, we realised that many organisations have the personnel to invigilate their own exams, but do not have the tools to do so.

So we created MyExams.

Your assessments, your learners, your proctors

Outsourcing remote invigilation to a third-party supplier can be difficult and costly.  Scalability, availability of invigilators, quality control, time zone mapping, and language barriers are all challenges that need to be addressed.

Complaints relating to service quality, data protection and privacy, and the invasive nature of ‘AI’ powered remote proctoring tools, can cause real and lasting reputational damage.

In comparison to very basic ‘Record and Review’ remote proctoring, the cost of remote proctoring services that use live proctors can also been prohibitive for many.

Your customised Remote Proctoring system

With MyExams by VICTVS, you can take control of your own remote proctoring system.  You can connect your own learners to your own invigilators directly, in a customisable platform that has been developed specifically for remote invigilation.

You can access every recording, every note and all evidence of exam activity from every assessment session, whenever you need to.

With our mobile-first, user-focussed design, you can also give your learners and your invigilators, a better remote exam experience with MyExams by VICTVS.

Improve your assessment security and save money

When it comes to protecting the integrity of your assessments, we know that nobody will do that better than you do.

With MyExams we created a remote proctoring system to give you the tools that you and your invigilation staff need, all in one place.

You can use your own proctors, tutors or other personnel to remotely invigilate your examinations – providing a better experience to your learners.

Bring Your Own Proctor is the future of Remote Proctoring

With no need to outsource to a third-party Remote Proctoring service provider, you can enjoy the benefits of in-person remote invigilation, whilst saving money and taking control of your own remote exam delivery.

MyExams was created by experts in global assessment delivery and is based on our own Remote Invigilation tool that we use to deliver thousands of high-stakes exams all over the world every month.

By giving you access to the tools that we use every day for Remote Proctoring, we are giving you unparalleled flexibility so you can accommodate short notice demands and changes, reasonable adjustments and special considerations, and so much more.

All from your own, dedicated Remote Proctoring platform.


To find out more about MyExams by VICTVS including pricing information and a full list of features, please visit the MyExams website by clicking here

You can even sign up for a free account and give it a try!

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