Remote Invigilation

Remote Invigilation by VICTVS

Sometimes circumstances make it difficult to invigilate an exam in person.

From geographically remote training locations to individual candidates who are unable to travel to an exam venue, a wide range of factors can become obstacles to exam delivery.

At VICTVS we believe that no candidate should be at a disadvantage because of where they need to sit their exams.

We build technical solutions to support global exam delivery.  Our in-house development team are constantly evolving our suite of web and mobile phone based apps that are used by our clients all over the world.

A geometric exam solution

VICTVS provides Global Exam Invigilation through our network of highly trained exam managers.  When it is not possible for a member of our global network to attend an exam in person, we can provide exam management using our in-house developed Remote Invigilation and monitoring service – V3.

V3 has been designed to put the candidates’ needs first.  Our solution respects privacy and guarantees security.

Our Remote Invigilation technology – V3, gives us the ability to support your candidates wherever they are in the world.

Feature-rich, intuitive design

V3‘s Remote Invigilation features include:

  • Full end to end encryption for data protection compliance – we protect your candidate data throughout the exam.
  • Easy to use candidate interface with built-in evidential capture – we enhance your exam security without additional administration.
  • Flexibility and scalability as standard – we can accommodate any candidate volume in any location.
  • A closed exam environment – delivered to your candidates in accordance with your standards.

Personal, candidate-focused Remote Invigilation

One of the most significant challenges with implementing any type of remote invigilation or remote proctoring solution, is how to provide a genuinely high standard of customer service to candidates who are at a distance from the exam staff.

This is not an easy challenge to overcome and is dependent on the quality and professionalism of the proctors and invigilators that manage each exam or assessment.  Technology alone is not enough to ensure that candidates have the best possible exam experience.

At VICTVS, the members of our global network are more than just proctors and invigilators.  They are experts in exam delivery, customer service, technical troubleshooting and emergency response.  They are all members of a highly trained, passionate global network that uses shared experience to continually refine best practice.

We do not use call centre staff to manage our client exams and we do not rely on technology to provide solutions that can only be provided by people.

VICTVS provides a consistently outstanding service to all of our clients and their end users and we support all learners in their ambitions to achieve life-changing qualifications.  We place candidate privacy at the heart of our remote proctoring and invigilation services and we do not, and will not, share personal data with any third parties.

We provide candidate-focussed exam services that reflect the standards of our clients whilst meeting the needs of our candidates.

A uniquely personal examination experience.

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