Computer Based Exams (CBE)

Specialists in Technical Invigilation

Examinations and assessment are changing.

Awarding bodies are increasingly moving towards e-assessment platforms for delivery of computer-based exams.

However, technology-enabled assessment creates new and additional challenges in the exam room.

ID verification procedures, candidate login / access requirements, technical problems and more, can cause delays and interruptions to examinations that can significantly disrupt the assessment experience.

Modern, adaptive exam invigilation

VICTVS exam invigilators are recruited, trained and selected for their ability to adapt to new ways of working and to quickly troubleshoot problems as they occur.

Our in-house team of technicians and developers have expert knowledge in providing technical support to e-assessment and computer-based exams, all over the world.

Working with our global Test Centre Network and our VICTVS Assured partners, we have a detailed understanding of where issues such as internet connectivity and resilience, are likely to affect exam delivery.

And we know how to respond to make sure that your exams can go ahead as scheduled.

Working with all major assessment platforms

We work with Learning Management System (LMS) and e-assessment platform developers to ensure that we recognise and understand the evolving technical challenges that affect global computer-based exam programmes.

Our global team of exam invigilators can solve these problems in real time.

From our mobile device exam management apps, through to our intelligent global database of test centres and exam venues, our invigilators have the technical tools and knowledge they need to deliver every time.

A 21st century exam experience

We understand that candidate expectations of exams are changing.

VICTVS works with awarding organisations to identify new ways of working that respond to changes in demand.

We are a modern company focussed on the future of global exam programme delivery and we can help you to deliver an exam experience suitable for 21st century learners – wherever they are in the world.

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