Global Exam Invigilation

Industry leading exam invigilation

VICTVS works with awarding bodies all over the world to provide exam management and invigilation services that support candidates and preserve the highest standards of exam integrity.

We specialise in providing on-site exam invigilation services for high-stakes professional exams and can also provide remote invigilation wherever a candidate cannot travel to an authorised exam venue or test centre.

VICTVS exam invigilators provide a supportive and fair exam environment to thousands of candidates each year, working in both easy to access and complex markets to ensure access to education for learners across the globe.

Unparalleled exam invigilation infrastructure

We work in more than 150 countries and have a global test centre network that can accommodate any type of exam.

From large-scale, high-stakes professional qualifying exams, to single candidate assessments carried out at home, VICTVS has the exam infrastructure required to make this possible.

Our global coverage and technical expertise ensures the highest level of security around all of your exam resources.

We are a flexible, responsive team and can adapt our exam infrastructure to meet your candidates’ needs wherever they are in the world.

Fully managed invigilation services

VICTVS provides fully managed invigilation services, giving our clients the ability to access independent, verifiable reporting and data collated from within our global network and used to inform future exam delivery.

We operate in partnership with our clients, providing dedicated teams to support exam programmes all over the world, and supporting them in developing their assessment methods.

VICTVS is a connected global team with a shared commitment to exam integrity.

Invigilation putting candidates first

Our clients choose to work with VICTVS because they know that we will respond to the unique requirements of their candidates.

We believe that no candidate should be at a disadvantage because of where they sit their exam.

Our exam invigilators are expert in providing support, guidance and emergency assistance to candidates on exam day.  Backed by our head office global exam management teams, we provide full administrative support to awarding bodies before, during and after examinations that we deliver on their behalf.

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