Victvs is a UK-based education services company, working with people all over the world.

We help our clients do better international business.

Solving complex global problems

We provide international support services to awarding organisations of all sizes, working in some of the most challenging places in the world.

Our core business includes:


We work in over 100 countries and we are experts in enabling business in complex environments.

If you need help doing business in hard to reach places, speak to us.

Working with global awarding bodies

Delivering globally recognised professional qualifications can be difficult.

Language barriers, legal issues, political instability and cultural differences can all impact on your ability to work around the world.

At Victvs we work with training providers and global accrediting bodies to help learners gain the qualifications that they need to change their lives for the better and to meet the challenges of international work head on.

We thrive on complexity, we seek out challenges and we work with awarding organisations to develop exam management and EQA solutions that meet their exact needs.

All of our services are built around the capabilities of our Global Network – a worldwide community of highly-motivated, professional people who share our passion for making things happen in difficult circumstances.  You can read more about the Victvs Global Network in our blog.

Where we work

Shared Vision
Global Network

Talk to us

We are always searching for new opportunities to work on complex global problems with like-minded organisations.

If you think that we might be able to help you, then we would love to hear from you.

To speak to our team directly, please contact our UK office on +44 (0) 113 887 0185 or click on the button below.