Assessment technology,
people, and infrastructure

Global assessment solutions for 21st Century awarding organisations

The future of Remote Invigilation

We put candidate experience at the heart of our exam day services – including remote invigilation.

VICTVS is trusted to deliver high-stakes professional examinations for awarding organisations working in finance, medicine, health and safety, IT and more.

We created the VICTVS V3 remote invigilation platform as a global alternative to in-venue exams.  Our assessment technology now helps thousands of learners to access life-changing qualifications each year.

In-person Invigilation

For exam settings that require the invigilators to be present in-person, VICTVS brought together a global network of more than 3,500 professional exam invigilators from all over the world.

We routinely deliver high-stakes exams in more than 170 countries, across all time zones and in all languages.

With our combined technological and human capabilities, we can help you to provide a better exam experience for all your learners.

Intelligent Assessment Infrastructure

VICTVS brings together global assessment infrastructure, personnel, and technology, to give you an unparalleled level of control over your assessments.

We maintain a global database of test centres, exam venues, and other resources, that is available to all of our clients.

Our technology features simple, intuitive design, and the utmost reliability at any scale.

Our Global Network

VICTVS works with a global network of over 3,500 qualified, assessment professionals who share our passion for helping people achieve life changing opportunities.

Our DevOps team creates tools that the members of our network use to help them in their work.

We are a connected global family, working together to support learners all over the world.






Global Network

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