VICTVS is a UK-based exam programme management company working with awarding organisations in more than 150 countries.

Delivering standardised high-stakes examination programmes all over the world is difficult.

For awarding bodies offering internationally recognised qualifications, it is essential that the integrity of examinations is protected at all times, and that candidates receive the utmost in customer service during their exam experience.

VICTVS is the UK’s leading exam delivery and invigilation company.

We can help you to ensure that your awarding organisation’s values and standards are upheld in all of your examinations, anywhere in the world.

Global Exam Management

VICTVS is at the forefront of global exam programme delivery.

By bringing together adaptive international working, a connected global network of exam delivery staff, and a genuine company ethos founded on 21st century values, we are helping awarding organisations to deliver life-changing qualifications all over the world.

We put candidate experience at the centre of our exam day services.  We support learners in more than 150 countries, and we work tirelessly to ensure that no candidate is at a disadvantage because of where they sit their exams.

VICTVS is trusted to deliver high-stakes professional examinations for industry authorities working in finance, medicine, health and safety, IT and many more.

We can help you to find the best way to deliver your exams in any location.

Intelligent Exam Infrastructure

VICTVS combines traditional values with modern technology.  We design and build technical tools to support our industry and the work of our global network.

We are pioneers of Intelligent Exam Infrastructure systems – connected global exam resources that make complex assessment programme delivery simpler, and more effective.

Our systems are designed around the requirements of exam administrators, exam day management staff, and candidates; to provide unrivalled operational capability coupled with exceptional data capture and analysis.

We can work with you to bring you the future of high-stakes exam management, today.

The VICTVS Global Network

VICTVS has brought together a global network of over 2000 qualified, experienced professionals who share our passion for helping people achieve life changing opportunities through education.  Our technical development team create tools that the members of our network use to help them in their work.

We are a connected global network, working together to support learners all over the world.

We work in more than


countries and we are experts in exam delivery in international markets.

If you provide internationally recognised qualifications, speak to us to find out how we can help you.

Our Mission

Support Learners

VICTVS exists to support people in achieving life-changing qualifications all over the world.

We work with our clients to respond to the ever-changing needs of candidates who are undertaking high-stakes professional exams, to ensure that they stand the best chance of achieving success in a fair and supportive assessment environment.

Embrace Change

We believe in the positive power of education to change lives.

We also believe in the importance of integrity and in the recognition of the individual effort that is required by learners all over the world who wish to make a positive contribution to the 21st century’s connected global workplace.

Be Mindful

VICTVS is a modern, adaptive, technical company founded on an ethos of the values of ‘Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism and Courage’.

We are future focussed with a commitment to maximising the positive social and environmental impacts of our work.




Shared Vision


Global Network

Contact Us

We are always searching for new opportunities to work with like-minded organisations who share our passion for global education and assessment.

If you think that VICTVS might be able to help you with your global exam programme delivery, then we would love to hear from you.

To speak to our team directly, please call our UK office on +44 (0) 113 539 7056 or send us a message via the form.


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