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Hi and thanks for finding us!  If you are new to VICTVS then welcome to our website.  Here you can find out all about our team and the services that we provide.


Assessment technology, people, and infrastructure.

In short, VICTVS is a UK-based company that specialises in global assessment delivery.  We do this by developing technologies that are used by our global network of great people, to provide learners with a modern, supportive exam experience – anywhere, anytime.

We work with awarding organisations, training providers and educational institutions in more than 170 countries and we are trusted to deliver high-stakes examinations for some of the most prestigious qualifications in medicine, financial services, and many more.

Our exam booking and Remote Invigilation software is now available for public use (see below) and we are really pleased to be able to provide people all over the world, with the tools to access life-changing learning opportunities.

Our latest releases…


The future of Remote Invigilation is here!




Learning and assessment is changing.

It’s the 21st Century and for some learners, taking an exam in your pyjamas with your pet cat beside you is ideal!  The MyExams Remote Invigilation platform developed by VICTVS makes that possible.

Invigilators, training providers, educational institutions and awarding organisations can now take control of their own Remote Invigilation system using MyExams.

MyExams gives you the ability to connect with your learners all over the world in your own, personalised, secure Remote Invigilation environment.  Add your exam sessions, add your candidates and assign your invigilators.  It’s that simple.  MyExams does away with the need to outsource your remote invigilation to an unknown third-party – you are in control.

Candidates connect with invigilators using the MyExams mobile app, WebApp and screen sharing – giving you all the exam integrity that you need.

24/7 availability, 24/7 support

MyExams can be used to provide Remote Invigilation in any time zone on any day, in any country.  24/7 technical support and customer service is on hand to support you and your learners.

For professional invigilators, you can use MyExams to provide Remote Invigilation services that you can list on!

Your exams.  Your candidates.  Your invigilation.  MyExams.

To find out more about MyExams, please click here.



It’s like, but for exams!

You can search BookAnExam for courses, resources, invigilators, test centres, exam venues, exam supplies, study guides and so much more…

For learners.  Accessing education shouldn’t be so hard.  Now you can connect with the resources and people that you need to help you achieve the best results possible in your exams.  Whatever you want to achieve, the BookAnExam community can help you!

For vendors, you can create your own FREE account store on BookAnExam that will let you advertise and sell your educational products and services to a global audience.  So, if you want to advertise invigilation services to people on the other side of the planet (see MyExams below…), you can!  Or if you would like to advertise tuition to your local community – go for it!

For training providers, you can use BookAnExam to find invigilators and exam venues, test centres or remote invigilation service providers from Trinidad to Timbuktu!

Get a life.  Get qualified.

Find out more here.

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  • I currently live overseas,a nd would like to know if I could apply as part time in invigilator. Can you advise the possibility?

  • Hi.

    If you would like to work as an invigilator, then please check out where you can register as a vendor and offer your invigilation services to a global marketplace. And if you combine this with a MyExams remote invigilation system (, then you can offer remote invigilation to anyone in the world whenever they need it.

    With you are free to set your own price for your invigilation services. Customers can contact you directly to ask for a quote for a particular invigilation task, and you can advertise anything that is related to education and training. Best of all, it’s completely free to join!



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