The VICTVS Podcast: Episode 6 – The Innovation Paradox: AI’s dual role in academic integrity

Episode 6 of The VICTVS Podcast sees us sit down with AI and assessment expert, Prof. Phillip Dawson, to talk about how AI is impacting modern education and assessments.  With the use of AI now firmly cemented in the study routines of students around the world; we talk about the dangers of this to academic integrity, but also how AI is being used to combat cheating and what educators can do to embrace this new technology.

You can follow more of Phillip’s research on improving assessment practices in higher education at the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning  (CRADLE) located at Deakin University, Melbourne or on X at @Phillipdawson.

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About The VICTVS Podcast

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You can also find a full transcript of the episode here.

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