A global network with a shared identity – Victvs

At Victvs, we believe that global business can be a force for good.

We believe that by working better together across cultural divides, celebrating differences and embracing challenges, our global family is demonstrating a new approach to working internationally.  An approach that is creating positive, long-lasting effects both at home and overseas.

However, underpinning our ideas about the 21st century global workplace is our love of history and tradition and our appreciation of the value of learning lessons from the past. 

To help our team understand the principles and values that underpin our work when we first established Victvs, we wrote down our company ethos – Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism and Courage.

These are core values that all Victvs staff and personnel aspire to demonstrate in their work every day.  Having a clearly defined ethos provides us with a core framework to which all other decisions, ideas and questions can be referred, if there is ever any question about a course of action that we are considering.

The artwork that is displayed in this post was created for us in Castleton Mill by muralist Carl Knapper (Instagram – carl.knapper) using black ink on painted white boards.  Carl is an incredibly talented artist and is a member of the large community of creative people that work in offices and spaces around Victvs HQ.

When we first spoke to Carl about our ideas for this project, we agreed that a coat of arms would be an ideal way to capture the values that matter to us most.  Carl spent many hours painstakingly applying all the detail to each part of the image with every pen stroke contributing to the incredible effect of the whole.  A truly impressive effort and an amazing end result.

Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Courage.

To the members of our global network – we commissioned this mural to honour the work that you do with us.  It is important for you to know that this coat of arms belongs to you as much as it does to us.

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be in a position where we see regular displays of people living by the values that our company ethos is built on.

We are working in a time when the requirement for values-based businesses to be actively contributing to a cause that is larger than themselves, is greater than ever and we are humbled to know that the members of our networks share this belief and are dedicated to doing just that.

We are extremely proud of our people.

We are Victvs.

(You can see more of Carl’s work at www.thewriteink.carbonmade.com/ and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/carl.knapper/ and you can see more of Castleton Mill and our amazing work space at www.castletonmill.com/).

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