The VICTVS Podcast: Episode 2 – Success at all costs. Can smart drugs help you pass your exams?

Do smart drugs which report to enhance concentration, focus and brain power actually work?  Who is using them and why?  Is using a cognitive enhancer during an exam cheating?  Are they safe?

With 10-15% of the student population estimated to have tried enhancing their abilities with substances ranging from prescription nootropics to herbal supplements, what exactly can regulators do to ensure the playing field remains level for all?

This month’s podcast does a deep dive into the fascinating world of smart drugs, otherwise known as nootropics or cognitive enhancers.  We chat with Dr Ellie Dommett, Reader of Neuroscience at King’s College London about use of these drugs within the university population and beyond, as well as exploring the ethics of using such substances to gain a competitive advantage.

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You can also find a full transcript of the episode here.

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