The VICTVS Podcast: Episode 3 – When exams go wrong! Cheating your way to nuclear launch codes.

Did you hear the story about the thousands of Indian Army candidates who had to sit an exam in their underwear?  Or the Senegalese man arrested for dressing up as his girlfriend to take exams on her behalf, and was only discovered on day three of the exams? Or what about the US Airforce Nuclear Missile Commanders who were found cheating on their monthly proficiency tests?

Welcome to the occasionally amusing, sometimes inventive and always thought provoking world of exam cheating.  In this month’s episode of The VICTVS Podcast, we discuss the lengths students and exam setters go to outsmart each other, and the impact this is having on academic integrity.

Talking with our guest, Derek Newton, writer for HuffPost, Forbes and The Atlantic, and creator of The Cheat Sheet, we cover contract cheating, trust, and exactly why cheating in exams is such an important topic for everyone.

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You can also find a full transcript of the episode here.

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