Empowering Children with SEND: Unlocking Potential with Remote Invigilation by VICTVS

For children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), taking exams can be a daunting experience.  However, the advent of remote invigilation, also known as Remote Proctoring, has opened up new possibilities for creating an inclusive and supportive exam environment.

Let’s explore how remote invigilation from VICTVS can benefit children with SEND requirements during exams.

Reduced Anxiety and Increased Comfort

Children with SEND often experience heightened levels of anxiety in traditional exam settings.  Remote invigilation allows them to take exams in the familiar environment of their own homes or preferred locations.  This familiarity helps alleviate anxiety and creates a comfortable setting where children can feel more at ease, leading to improved focus and concentration during the assessment.

Personalised Accommodations

Remote invigilation offers the flexibility to provide personalised accommodations tailored to the specific needs of children with SEND.  Accommodations such as additional time, rest breaks, or assistive technologies can be seamlessly integrated into the remote exam experience.  This ensures that children can access the necessary support to showcase their abilities and reach their full potential, levelling the playing field for all candidates.

Minimised Sensory Distractions

Children with SEND may be particularly sensitive to sensory stimuli, such as noise, bright lights, or crowded spaces.  Remote invigilation allows for a controlled environment where children can reduce or eliminate these distractions.  By customising their exam space, children can create a sensory-friendly setting that promotes focus and concentration, enhancing their overall exam experience.

Accessible Tools and Technologies

The VICTVS remote invigilation platform has been designed with accessibility in mind, providing a range of tools and technologies to support children with SEND.  Features like screen readers, adjustable font sizes, colour contrast options, and closed captioning enable children with visual or hearing impairments to engage effectively with the exam content.  These accommodations ensure that every child has equal access to the exam materials, promoting inclusivity and enabling them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Real-Time Support and Communication

During remote invigilation, children can communicate with invigilators in real-time through chat or video conferencing.  This feature is invaluable for children with SEND, as it allows them to seek clarification, request support, or express any concerns they may have during the exam.  VICTVS invigilators can provide prompt assistance and guidance, fostering a supportive environment and boosting the child’s confidence and performance.

Flexibility and Convenience

Remote invigilation offers children with SEND greater flexibility in terms of exam scheduling and duration.  This flexibility accommodates their specific needs, ensuring that they can take the exam at a time when they are most comfortable and alert.  Additionally, our remote invigilation eliminates the need for children to travel to physical exam centres, reducing logistical challenges and potential disruptions associated with transportation or accessibility.


Remote invigilation has revolutionised the exam experience for children with SEND, empowering them to overcome barriers and unlock their full potential.  By providing a familiar and comfortable exam setting, personalized accommodations, and accessible tools, remote invigilation ensures that every child can participate in exams on equal terms.

As VICTVS remote invigilation continues to evolve, it holds great promise in creating a more equitable and empowering educational landscape for all children, regardless of their diverse needs.

To find out more about our work, please contact us here or call us on +44 (0) 113 539 7056.

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