The VICTVS Podcast: Episode 5 – Cold Truths at Christmas. SAS Explorer Paul Vicary on Life Lessons from adventures to the Poles

Welcome to an extraordinary journey with SAS veteran turned polar adventurer and mental health coach Paul Vicary, a true modern-day explorer.

Join us as we embark on a transformative podcast delving into the remarkable intersection of Paul’s testing expedition to the North and South poles and the timeless principles of mental resilience and learning through setbacks that helped him achieve some incredible feats, both on the ice and off. This podcast offers not only a guide for achieving our goals, but also a reflection of the determination that pushes us towards excellence. This is an inspiring conversation with Paul Vicary, a man who knows how to push the boundaries and achieve his dreams.

Get your copy of his new book, ‘Plan D: A Race Against Time,’ and connect with him on LinkedIn @Paul-Vicary for ongoing inspiration.

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You can also find a full transcript of the episode here.


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